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Who Wants More Junk for Valentine’s Day? Not Your Special Someone

Young african american man sitting on the sofa with dirty laundry clothes smiling in love doing heart symbol shape with hands. romantic concept.

It is crazy that the Christmas decorations weren’t even gone from the aisles before there was a rash of red and pink heart merchandise ready and waiting for the next buy-a-thon. If you are someone who has resolved to make 2024 less about “things” and more about things that matter, then say “No” to commercialism that will have you filling your loved one’s space with more stuff. If you really want to make them soar this Valentine’s Day, make room in their heart for you by making room in their home. Yep, that’s right – we are suggesting that you make the ultimate sacrifice by sacrificing your weekend for a whole-house clean-up and clean-out!

“Things” Aren’t Meant to Last – You Were

Although things seem to make us happy, they really just clutter and cloud the moments and memories that are important. If you help your loved one declutter for a real Valentine’s Day gift, then they will see right through to your genuine and concerned heart. Sure, going to the florist or the candy store might be thoughtful, but taking the time to make a real difference is what says you are willing to go the distance!

It’s About Really Listening!

How many times does that special someone feel as if they haven’t been heard? If you have someone in your life that you love telling you how stressed they are, how they need to have things cleaned, or that they want some organization in their life, show them that you are actually paying attention. You might think that a floral van showing up will light up their heart, but we guarantee that a dumpster being rolled off is much more romantic!

Make It a Grand Gesture

Perhaps it isn’t their place that is brimming with trash; it’s yours. If you have an inkling that maybe they haven’t taken the plunge of moving in because of the way that you live, prove that you are committed to changing your ways by purging and making room for them. Nothing says “I love you” more than getting rid of useless junk to clean up and share space with someone instead of things that you don’t need. How can they resist cohabitating after you go through the hoops and do so much?

Make a Clean Break

Do you ever stop to look around and consider where all of your junk has come from? There is a good chance that the one you love has. Sure, you might not notice that there is a treadmill in the second room of your home, but the special someone who sits in the kitchen instead of having their own “office” does. This year, instead of getting flowers for their desk, make them a room at home to have their own desk and get comfortable.

Just the Start

Why not make cleaning up the start of something beautiful? It isn’t just about the dumpster rental and promise of cleaning; it’s about the commitment to change your ways. The New Year brought about the hopefulness of being a better version of yourself, so show that better you to the one you love by making a resolve to just start with the cleaning and make it all the way to accommodating their desires for a clean and happy home for 2024 and beyond. 

Although a dumpster might not seem very romantic; it’s the thought behind it. Everyone has a different love language, but there aren’t many people who wouldn’t find going to great lengths to please them to be kind and loving. Just as you resolved to be a better version of yourself in the upcoming year, make this year the one that you cohabitate, begin a new one, and take the plunge – at least to clean up your hoarding spaces and make way for a new life together. At Junk-In-The-Box, we are rooting for you and will do all that we can to make your grand gesture much more grandiose by making the process of cleaning up as seamless as possible. Contact us today to reserve your date!

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