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Thanksgiving Is Almost Here – Are You Ready for Guests?

Thanksgiving Holiday Table - Junk in the Box

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are almost here. If you’re planning on having guests for Thanksgiving, time is ticking! There are many upgrades that you can still make for your family and friends to be more comfortable while staying at your home. These quick changes can make a big difference, add equity, and help your holiday traffic run a whole lot more smoothly. If you are going to make these small improvements, don’t forget the dumpster rental so that things can stay on track and move quickly!

Upgrade Your Guest Bed

There is nothing worse than staying overnight at someone’s home when they have an old spring mattress. Just a decade ago, buying a new mattress was a huge investment, but thanks to memory foam and the convenience of home stores online, you can get a new mattress shipped to your home in days and dispose of the old, uncomfortable, and stained one! It makes for a better-rested guest with very little investment on your part.

Replace Your Carpeting

Most people only think about spring allergies, but as the fall approaches, many allergy sufferers are…well…suffering! Replacing your carpeting is a great way to remove most of the allergens that can get caught and circulate in your home. Poor air quality will not only adversely affect your guests; it isn’t doing your family any good, either. Install new carpeting and give your home a fresher look for loved ones and family members – and most importantly, start the new year breathing easier.

Install Hardwood Floors

If you are going to replace your carpeting, why not consider installing hardwood floors? Hardwood floors will increase the equity of your home, make it look nicer, and keep the allergens lower than if you simply replace the carpeting with new carpeting. Hardwood floors are also easier to clean, stand up to traffic better, and last much longer. If you want a homier feel, then use area carpets over the wood.

Replace That Old Bedroom Furniture

If you are going to replace the bed, why not consider replacing the headboard, too? Furniture, just like beds, has come down in cost a lot. Don’t make your guests sleep on a bed frame that creaks every time they make a move. Replace the furniture entirely and you will make it nicer for anyone who visits year-round.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Upgrades around the holidays aren’t just about impressing your friends and family; they should be a gift for you, too. If your main bathroom has seen better days, why not swap out the vanity, upgrade the toilet and faucets, and re-caulk the shower? There are few things worse than taking a shower in a mold-filled tub. 

The holidays are quickly approaching, so how is your home going to look to your guests? Now is the perfect time to upgrade and refresh your living spaces for their benefit (and yours). Before you start your renovations, hire our full service junk removal and be prepared to get it done quickly so that you will be set for the holidays! Contact us today to get started!

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