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Spring Has Sprung – Make Your Cleaning More Productive!


Spring has definitely sprung! As we all head outdoors for fresh air, we are beginning to see that the exterior of our homes might need a little spring cleaning. All of those things that we were able to overlook during the fall and winter are rearing their ugly heads and screaming for some attention. Because most of us don’t have endless amounts of time to attend to a great purge, these are hacks to make your spring cleaning more productive from our residential junk removal service.

Deal with the Dinosaur in the Room

When things like appliances quit on us, it can be a real pain to find someone to pick them up. Most of us place them outside the house with great plans of getting rid of them, but South Carolina and Georgia are very particular about how to dispose of things that carry harmful substances like freon. Make sure that you know who to call and how things need to be prepared beforehand so you aren’t sidetracked dealing with the complexities of how to dispose of large items properly.

If It’s Broken, It’s Gone!

How many times have you picked up the same item, thinking that it wasn’t working and contemplating whether you should hire someone to fix it? In the new age of consumerism, things are almost always less expensive to purchase new than to find someone to fix them and pay for the labor and fees. Stop thinking you are going to have time or the energy to call someone, and just throw it out. If it has been sitting for a long time, it isn’t going to be worth anything – especially if it has been neglected.

Have Help on Hand

It is really easy to keep putting things off by finding excuses for why you can’t do it. Instead of getting halfway in and realizing that you have to put things on hold for help, have help lined up. If you put it on the calendar and ask for recruits ahead of time, you are more likely not to just blow it off once again. People will not only help to make the process go more quickly; they will hold you accountable so that there’s no way that you’ll keep putting it off!

Hire a Residential Dumpster Rental Company

Another way to make sure that you stay motivated and ready to go is by hiring a dumpster rental company ahead of time so it arrives to help you. With everyone getting spring fever, there will likely be competition over the next several weeks for good rates and availability. The quicker you plan, the more likely it is that you will be able to save a couple of dollars and have help when you need it most!

Have the Right Tools

Sometimes it is all about having the right tools. When you’re performing a residential spring purge, there are going to be things that might need to be dismantled or taken apart. Or you might want to grab certain pieces and parts of an item without discarding it all. Make sure that you have tools on hand so that you won’t be slowed down trying to find a hammer, then a wrench, and then, and then…

Make Piles Ahead of Time

Although the cleanup can probably be done in one day, there might be a chance before the scheduled day to begin making piles of what stays, what goes, and what needs to be donated. If you plan well ahead of time, then the actual clean-up will go as quickly and smoothly as possible and you will be less inclined to get bogged down in the decision-making process of what goes or stays!

Spring has sprung in Augusta, and people are starting to venture outdoors again. If you are one of the many who ignored the trash in the fall and winter thinking you would get to it eventually, now is eventually. If you plan ahead, your spring purge can go swimmingly so you can spend more of your time actually swimming or enjoying the warm weather to come. For help with your residential junk removal, contact Junk In the Box today to get started.

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