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Safety First! Demolishing That Old Shed Without Demolishing the ‘Hood


Sheds are a great addition for the organization and extra space that you need at your home, but they do have a shelf life. If yours has hit the end of its road and it’s time to take it out, there is a safe way to demolish it…and an unsafe way. Going at it with a sledgehammer might get the job done, but it can also lead to serious injury if not done properly. Don’t risk demolishing the neighborhood or harming yourself by going it alone! Our demolition company in Augusta will take the following steps to ensure that things go smoothly and safely.

Have a Dumpster Ready to Go

Dumpster rentals are the key to having a place to discard your old shed once you demolish it. There will be some lead time on reserving a dumpster and having it delivered. You also have to determine what size dumpster you will need. If you get one that is too large, you are paying for more than you need; if it’s too small you might end up having to pay for two, which can get super pricey unnecessarily.

Clean It Out

Before any demolition begins, make sure to remove all items from the shed. Even if the things inside the shed are no longer useful, emptying it completely is the best way to ensure that the shed is removed properly. Once the dumpster arrives, place any items from the shed into it. If there are things that you want to save, remove them from the area completely so that you aren’t creating an obstacle course to move around.

Have the Right Equipment

Removing a shed can be a pretty hefty job. As anyone who has ever worked in demolition and construction knows, it is all about having the right tools and equipment. Demolition equipment allows you to break down a shed without having to really touch the material itself. There is no sense in being too close while demolishing the shed and risking injury from sharp edges and corners if you don’t have to. Plus, having the correct equipment will make the demolition process go much faster.

Obtain Permits if Necessary

Some municipalities require you to obtain a permit for demolition before any work is done. It is often a safety measure so that they can ensure that you are properly trained to do it and also so that an inspector can help if you need to go through the process. If you don’t get a permit and it is required, you can face penalties and fines, which can get really expensive.

Alert Your Neighbors

If you have neighbors close by, it’s not just a courtesy to alert them that you are going to be taking your shed down; it is a matter of safety. There should be a good perimeter marked off around the shed so that no children, animals, or passersby can inadvertently be harmed during the demolition. Good communication makes for good safety when you plan to demolish a shed.

Hire a Demolition Company in Augusta

Shed demolition might seem like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of things that can potentially go wrong. If you are planning to attempt it on your own to save money, there are no savings that are worth risking harming yourself, your home, or your neighborhood. It is always best to hire professionals who not only have the right equipment and tools; they will also have the permit pulled, the insurance to ensure all goes well, and the training to keep everything and everyone safe.

If your shed has reached its end, don’t let it sit around deteriorating and taking up space. Contact the professionals of Junk in the Box and let us do the heavy lifting, both figuratively and literally. We have the training to ensure that things go smoothly, without incident, and also to keep everyone safe in the process. Contact us to reserve a date for your shed demolition in Augusta today!

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