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Storage Unit Clean-Out

Storage Unit Clean-Out

We have the best of intentions when we rent a storage unit. Although it might’ve seemed like a great idea at the time, over the years, a lot of times we find that the things we thought we needed, we actually don’t. If you are ready to ditch the storage rental cost every month, we are ready to help you vacate the space. Our crew of professional storage unit clean-out professionals can take the hassle out of ridding your storage unit of junk.

As an environmentally conscious crew, we make sure that we sort your items into recycling, donating, and disposing so that nothing ends up in a landfill unless that is where it belongs. We work with local charities to make sure we donate what can still be used. We get it – it is a pain to clean it all out, but think about freeing up your storage unit’s monthly payment!

Tips to Clean Out Your Storage Unit

When you put the items in storage, you have every intention of using them at some point. But over time, those items have done nothing but gather dust and cost you money. At this point, some of it can probably be replaced or is of no use. The key to cleaning out your storage unit is not to look at it in terms of what you spent, but rather consider all the money you’ve spent holding onto things you don’t use and need! These are some tips to get you through your storage unit clean-out.

Approach It in Sections

Storage units are like refrigerators: everything gets pushed toward the back, which can make you feel overwhelmed. At the start, section out different areas to tackle so that you have a good plan of attack, and attack it you will!

Organize and Sort into Piles

Have clearly defined spaces of what you intend to do with your items. Make donation, recycle, dispose, and keep piles. That way, once you are done sorting and organizing, you will know exactly where everything goes for expediency’s sake.

Hire Storage Unit Clean-Out Services

Of course, the easiest and smartest way to clean out your storage unit is by hiring our professional crew. And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. We are an environmentally- and community-conscious company that believes nothing should end up in a landfill unless that is where it actually belongs. Our crew is not just professional and trained; we are bonded, licensed, and insured. Our workers also take great pains to sort properly so that we can donate what can be reused and recycle as needed. You can feel good about hiring us because you know that we have gone to great lengths to care for your items and find them a new home, if possible. We’ve created a trusted reputation in the community because we care about your things the way you do. Are you ready to ditch the storage rental bill? Contact us today and let’s get it cleaned out!