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Office Furniture Removal

Office Furniture Removal

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Office furniture tends to be built-in and heavy, which means you need a little extra power to remove it. At Junk-in-the-Box, we have the heavy lifters you need to get the job done. Whether it is just one piece or an entire office suite, there’s no job too large for us to tackle or too small for our full attention. We are licensed, bonded, and ready to move! We also provide a custom estimate with all of the costs before we begin any work. That way, you don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the project.

Office Items We Take

We don’t just focus on the chairs and desks; we take just about anything you need out of your office. Our full-service professional-grade office furniture crew will sort through your equipment and decide what needs to be recycled, thrown away, or moved elsewhere. And since we’re environmentally conscious, we make sure that nothing ends up in a landfill unless that is where it belongs. That is not only good for the earth; it’s excellent for our community!

Our crew will tackle these common items:

Cubicle removal
Filing Cabinets
Carpet removal
Conference tables
And more

Why Choose Junk-in-the-Box For Your Office Equipment and Furniture Removal?

Whether you are moving to a new location and to clean out or you are simply upgrading and remodeling, we can tackle the entire job from start to finish. Our crew is trained, licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We offer the most comprehensive set of office removal services, donating, recycling, and disposing of all of your items. We are environmentally conscious and ensure that nothing ends up in a landfill unless that is where it belongs. When we are done, nothing is left but a clean space to start again. We also work with several charities in the area and donate what we can to support our community.

Our Office Furniture Removal Services Process

Schedule your appointment.

We get to work removing all of your unwanted items by sorting them into recycling, donating, and disposing. Our crew will carefully pack those items that you are keeping and relocate them where they need to be.

Afterward, we clean up the space.

We then haul away your items and find the proper place for them to go.

Yes, it is that simple. Contact us if you are ready to get moving!