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Junk Removal Prices

Junk in the Box is a full-service junk removal company with the resources, training, and equipment to handle everything from furniture removal to hoarding junk removal services. We not only dispose of your items; we do so responsibly. Your junk might be trash to you, but someone else might enjoy it. When possible, we donate, recycle, and repurpose your unwanted items so that the only things ending in landfills are those that belong there.

Delivering Convenient and Affordable Solutions

At Junk in the Box, we offer convenient and affordable solutions to your project. We would love to provide every customer with a cost, but we can’t. What we can do, however, is offer you a free no-obligation estimate in writing. That way, we can keep our costs lower and pass the savings on to you. We will dispose of all the junk that you no longer need or want, often on the same day or the next day. Our mission is to make your junk or hauling problem not a problem any longer. Contact us today, and let’s discuss which junk removal service you need to get the job done.

Which Factors Affect Junk Removal Prices?

The reason we provide an estimate in writing is that no two jobs are the same. Our estimates are based on several important factors. By giving you a customized quote, we ensure that you get the most affordable price possible. The factors that affect estimates are:

The Size of the Items or Project
The Location and Hauling Mileage
The Materials of the Items Being Removed

The Size of the Items or Project

The first and sometimes most important aspect of providing junk removal pricing is to estimate the size of the item that needs to be removed. “Large” is a term that can be interpreted in many different ways, and it’s not consistent enough to really gauge how much room a price will take. Please use our diagram to determine what type of hauling equipment you will need, or speak directly to one of our experts.

The Location and Hauling Mileage

Second, we need to know where you are located. Pricing is affected due to various regions and cities. Because it can differ greatly from one location to the next, we provide a no-obligation estimate in writing. We also try to do it the same day or the next day

The Materials of the Items Being Removed

The type of item that you need to dispose of and remove does affect the price. Some items can be disposed of, others recycled, and others donated. Also, the material of the item, like paint, tires, or a hot tub, might require preparation ahead of time. Therefore, we need to know what the item is to estimate how much it will cost.

About Our Estimates

Our mission is to provide a clear and upfront price so that you know what is involved before the project starts. The crew at Junk in the Box will come to your location and offer you a free, no-obligation estimate outlining the details of removal and hauling services.

The most common service we offer based on volume junk removal services is a half-truckload, full truckload, or eighth-truckload. All prices and fees are calculated using the cost of labor, location, and materials being disposed of.

Upfront Pricing and Transparency

We understand that it would be very convenient to post our rates online, but since every home junk removal service requires different things, it wouldn’t be fair to do so. The good news is that we provide a free no-obligation estimate to our customers in writing. That way, you know exactly what the project will cost before we begin. Our estimates are also fully transparent and free of any hidden fees and charges that can come as a surprise when the bill comes due. 

When you hire our crew, you can rest assured knowing that we are responsibly disposing of your items and providing you with the best customer service possible. If you are ready to rid your home of junk, contact us to get started today!