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old piano to be removed

Pianos are like kittens: they’re both usually free. Except with pianos are not only really heavy; they are awkward to move and take up a lot of space. Although they appear to be manageable, often people get halfway into the move only to find that they can’t manage it at all. You can do a whole lot of damage while moving a piano with the walls and areas around it. Save yourself the hassle. Hire Junk-in-the-Box, and let it be our problem instead of yours.

Why Are Pianos So Hard to Get Rid of?

Although pianos seem like they wouldn’t be any more difficult to move than any other heavy item, they are. There are many reasons that you should forgo moving it alone and hire a professional company like Junk-in-the-Box for your piano removal service.

They Are Super Heavy!

It isn’t just that pianos are heavy; they are super heavy. Unlike other types of furniture, pianos weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds due to their brass, hinges, and metal strings. They require much more heavy lifting capabilities than regular furniture.

They Are Awkward

Often, the reason that moving furniture is difficult is that you can’t get a good hold on things. Because of the way pianos are shaped, you can’t get a good center of gravity. When you lose grasp of them, it isn’t just the piano at stake – it is everything surrounding it. 

Injuring Yourself Is a Real Risk

There are a lot of different ways a piano has to be maneuvered during a move, which can end up putting the mover into some precarious positions. Our trained professional staff is not only aware of the navigation that it takes to move a piano; they know how to limit the risk of injury to themselves and to others. That is an invaluable skill.