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Items We Take:
Construction Debris Removal

Items We Take: Construction Debris Removal

one story home demolition

Construction always involves a mess, but as a contractor, you know your job site has to be clean for everyone’s safety. The dumpster is quite arguably the most important part of the process, since you have to rip things out before you can make them new. Therefore, you need a dumpster rental company that you can rely on to be an extension of you, as well as a partner who can follow your lead, timeline, and specifications. At Junk-in-the-Box, we understand that the contractors we work with are relying on us, and we do all that we can to meet our end of the bargain – and even go the extra mile.

Full-Service Construction Debris Removal

Junk-in-the-Box is committed to ensuring that we provide the most comprehensive construction debris removal, whether you want our team to help with tear down and demolition. And we not only remove and load the dumpster; we also haul it all away. By allowing us to take care of the demolition process, you can have your job site ready to go quickly and on time.

Free Estimates

Staying on time and budget is not an easy thing to do for contractors relying on subs and other professionals to do their part. We provide our customers with a free estimate in writing outlining the total cost and our obligations. That way, you know exactly how much it will cost before the construction begins. That means no overages that come out of your profit – guaranteed.

Same-Day or Next-Day Service

At Junk-in-the-Box, we understand how important our junk removal and construction debris removal is to your timeline, and we always strive to deliver either the same day or the next day. Whether it is construction to clean up storm damage or spur-of-the-moment changes, we do all that we can to accommodate and be there when you need us most.

Professional, Licensed, and Bonded

Our team of construction debris removal specialists is not only highly trained and knowledgeable; they are also licensed and bonded. Since construction can be a dangerous occupation, we understand that our crew has to be taken care of in the event that something goes wrong. Because we take care of our own, we also take care of you!

What Types of Construction Debris Does Junk-in-the-Box Handle?

Construction debris can come in many forms, which is another reason you should choose us. We take nearly all non-hazardous materials. And when possible, we recycle or donate eligible items so that they don’t end up in landfills. We are dedicated not just to our customers; we care about the community and environment. You can trust that your construction debris will be handled and hauled away properly in a way that’s environmentally conscious.

How Much Does Construction Debris Services Cost?

All of our construction debris services are estimated according to what you need, and we always use upfront pricing. Before service starts, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost for the entire job. Whether we are doing the actual teardown or just supplying the equipment to clean up, the cost is given ahead of time.