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Items We Take: Appliance Removal

Items We Take: Appliance Removal

Nowadays, it has become more economical to toss an appliance once it breaks down than to pay for the cost of repairing it. If your appliance is caput, you can’t just put it out on the curb for pick up. Once more, there are very specific things that you have to do to prepare the appliance, and only certain landfills where it can end up. Instead of worrying about the ins and outs of appliance removal and haul away, let us take care of it. We take care of everything from preparing it, removing it, and hauling it away, usually on the same day!

Environmentally Conscious Appliance Removal in Augusta for a Reason

In past decades, people didn’t understand how harmful not properly disposing of appliances can be to the environment. If not prepared properly, it can lead to groundwater contamination and other eco-unfriendly issues. At Junk in the Box, we perform environmentally conscious appliance removal services because we care about our clients and future generations. When possible, we recycle or donate your appliances so that it doesn’t all end up wasted in a landfill.

Reliable and Efficient Appliance Removal in Augusta

The worst part about an appliance dying is that you need to replace it for your routine to get back to normal, so every day presents an obstacle. At Junk in the Box, we work hard to be both reliable and efficient. Often, we can get there the same day, and do all that we can to remove your appliance so that you can replace it and get back to your normal routine. We also believe in providing a cost-conscious service for a price you can afford! Contact us today!