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Junk Removal: Items We Take

Junk Removal: Items We Take

Full Service Junk Removal in CSRA - Junk in the box

Experts at Junk Clean-Out & Removal Services

At Junk in the Box, we offer the most comprehensive list of clean-out and junk removal services in Augusta and the surrounding areas. Our trained and professional crew members are experts at handling your clutter swiftly and safely. Whether you are looking for residential junk removal or commercial junk removal, we are the best in the business – guaranteed!

Items We Take throughout the CSRA!

We offer the most comprehensive list of junk clean-out and junk removal services in Augusta and surrounding areas. Our list includes:

Same Day or Next Day Item Pick Up

When you are ready to clear out, you want someone now. Our services are often available either the same day or the next day. That means you won’t have to sit around waiting for us. We show up as quickly as possible and get the junk removal done. Whether it is residential clean-up or commercial clean-up, we’ve got you. We take nearly all non-hazardous materials and haul them away. From old tires to appliances, our team is ready to take it off of your hands.

Popular Junk Removal Services 

Our crew is also fully licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as trained to ensure that your home is protected. We go to great lengths to leave your home in better condition than when we arrived and pay special attention to walls, stairs, and floors when moving and removing things from your home. Here is a list of junk removal services we can offer you today:

Donating & Eco-Friendly Recycling

At Junk in the Box, we are dedicated to keeping our environment and communities clean of waste and biohazards. Just because the items are things you don’t want doesn’t mean no one will. When possible, we recycle or repurpose your items, and make sure that items in our care are disposed of responsibly. 

We work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill to recycle, donate, and restore your items in the most environmentally conscious way possible. Our thoughts are under the principle of one man’s trash is truly another’s treasure. When you hire Junk in the Box, you can rest assured that your junk is going to go where it belongs and never be wasted or sent to a landfill if it doesn’t need to be.