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Hoarding Clean Up

Hoarding Clean Up

How many of us have sat back and watched the show “Hoarders” and first thought, “How can anyone let that happen?” Then we instantly realize that perhaps they were not that far off. If you have someone in your life who is dealing with the overwhelming nature of hoarding, we have the solution. Our crew has experience with hoarding situations and is trained in all aspects of the process and how to navigate a hoarding clean-up situation. Whether you realize that your junk has started to take over or someone you know has been told that they have to clean things up, we are here for you. It is easy to become numb to the junk around you and not even know where to begin to tackle it. That’s why we are here. We have the training, equipment, and compassion to turn things around.

Hoarding Clean-Up Pricing and Costs

We understand that it is much more convenient to provide a one-size cost for hoarding, but unfortunately not all situations are the same; some require different time frames and resources. There are many factors that go into providing an estimate for hoarding clean-up services. The good news is that we take into consideration your special circumstances and provide you with a free no-obligation estimate so you know what is involved before you even hire us. Our pricing is based on the labor hours needed, equipment required, and how many workers it will take to complete the job. There are also other services to factor in such as packing and moving. What we can guarantee is that the estimate will provide you with upfront pricing that is transparent and free of any hidden charges or fees.

What to Expect with Hoarding Clean-Up Services

Undeniably, hoarding doesn’t happen in a day, and it takes a while to undo all that has been done. Our team is thoughtful about how to approach your specific hoarding circumstances and how best to approach the clean-up. We understand that there will be items that will have to be thrown away, some donated, hopefully recycled, and then valuables that you will want to keep. That is why we approach any hoarding project with compassion and understanding that there are a lot of emotions involved.

How Our Hoarding Junk Removal Services Work

First, schedule your appointment and one of our trained and knowledgeable estimators will come to take a look at your project. After assessing it, they will provide you with a free no-obligation estimate in writing before any work is started. Next, we remove any unwanted items from the area, taking great care to salvage what we can. Then, we clean up what is left. Once the area is cleared out, there will likely be other things that need to be cleaned up and worked on. Next, our crew donates and recycles what they can. At Junk in the Box, we are environmentally- and community-conscious, meaning if we find items that you don’t want but that could be useful to someone else, we donate them. Our mission is to attempt to recycle, repurpose, or donate any item that can be. On average, we attempt to recycle or donate as much as 70% of the hoarding items we can. Finally, we put the items that you do want to keep back and organize them so that you can start on a fresh note.

Why Hire Junk in the Box for Your Hoarding Clean-Up?

Junk in the Box is a clear choice for your hoarding cleanup because we care. We are not only environmentally- and community-conscious; we understand the complexities that come with hoarding situations and cleaning them up. We have a compassion-first policy and always seek to make the clean-up process as stress-free as possible. Our crew is also:
  • Specifically trained in hoarding clean-up
  • Committed to donating, recycling, and repurposing your items
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Highly trained, certified, and prepared for what can arise during hoarding clean-up situations
Are you ready to tackle your hoarding situation? We are ready to help you – contact us today to get started.