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Basement Clean-Out

Basement Clean-Out

Basements are a godsend for many homeowners, but they can also be something of a curse. The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is often the way that we approach a home’s foundation storage space. Over time, it can become somewhat of a black hole where things go when you don’t know what else to do with them. Whether you have recently had water in your basement or you just want to clean it out and start fresh, our basement clean-out services are the perfect stress-free solution.

No job is too big for our crew of professionals. We have the training to handle everything from delicate boxes to heavy exercise equipment with care. Our crew is also able to navigate narrow stairs, hallways, and all of the obstacles that can make your basement a place you avoid. Our five-star junk removal services are meant to tackle the hidden crevices of your home, and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Basement Clean-Out Pricing & Cost

Cleaning out a basement can come with a lot of extra factors, so giving a one-size-fits-all estimate isn’t fair to our customers. At Junk in the Box, we provide a no-obligation estimate in writing before any work is performed. We believe in upfront pricing and transparency so that there are never any hidden charges or surprises at the end of a project. We also always seek to offer the most affordable price, which is not the same as cheap junk removal. When you hire cheap, you get what you pay for – and that is rarely what you want.

What to Expect During Your Basement Clean-Out

Although most people think that cleaning out a basement is a great do-it-yourself project, if it were, basements all across America wouldn’t look as they do. Our crew is not only trained; they are licensed, bonded, insured, and prepared to do the heavy, and yes, cumbersome moving and cleaning out.

They are also cognizant of taking the utmost care with the items you intend to keep and are environmentally and community conscious to find a new home for those that you don’t. Our mission is to make sure that we recycle, repurpose, or donate everything that could be of use to someone else. Just because you don’t need or want it doesn’t mean it can’t do some good for someone else.

When you hire us for your basement clean-out services the only finger you have to lift is the one you use to schedule the appointment. After that, we come out and provide you with an estimate in writing of the total cost of your basement cleanout. Our crew believes in upfront and transparent pricing.

Next, we remove all unwanted items and go to work providing additional services such as packing and furniture moving when necessary. Our team also pays close attention to your stairs, hallways, and floors to protect them from damage and scuff marks.

After we finish the clean-out, we clean everything up. Our goal is to erase not just the junk stored in your basement; we’ll remove any signs that we were there at all.

Your items are then hauled away to be thrown out, recycled, or donated. We believe in doing the most good for the environment and our community. When possible we donate, recycle, repurpose, and reuse the items you no longer have use for so they don’t just go to waste. We don’t believe in choking landfills out of laziness.

You get to reclaim your basement and do with it as you please.

Responsibly Conscious of Environment and Community

Junk in the Box is highly responsible and conscious of our environment and community. We don’t just idly throw items into a dumpster and head for the landfill. When possible, we donate, recycle, and repurpose your used things so that they can benefit someone else. We do this at no extra cost to you. Therefore, you can feel good about getting rid of those items you no longer need and know that they are being used by someone who needs them.

The Basement Clean-out Process

Although we would say don’t try this at home, that is exactly where you have to do it. Our basement clean-out process is seamless and goes in the following stages.

Focus on One Section at a Time

Instead of blindly grabbing boxes and throwing them at will, we focus on sections of the basement, one at a time. That way, we can give the items the attention they need without becoming overwhelmed.

Organize and Sort

We organize and sort the items into various piles to throw away, donate, and recycle. The process goes much more efficiently and quickly when you are methodical about what goes where.

Reorganize What’s Left

Inevitably, there will be things that you want to keep among the things you don’t. After we sort items into various piles, if there are some remaining, we reorganize them so you can find them when you need them. The key to cleaning up your basement and not having to do it again soon is organization. Our crew helps you get your new basement organization off to a good start.

Basement Junk Items We’ll Remove

At Junk in the Box, we take nearly all non-hazardous materials and items and remove them from your basement. Our crew is prepared to handle anything from fragile valuables to heavy exercise machinery. The items we take include but are not limited to:

If you are ready to clean out your basement and start new, contact Junk in the Box for a free no-obligation estimate today!

How Much Does Construction Debris Services Cost?

All of our construction debris services are estimated according to what you need, and we always use upfront pricing. Before service starts, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost for the entire job. Whether we are doing the actual teardown or just supplying the equipment to clean up, the cost is given ahead of time.