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Dumpster Rentals: Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Home

getting rid of clutter

9.4% of households across the US rent a storage unit to hold more of their stuff. 25% of homeowners say they can’t park in their garage because it’s too filled with clutter and unorganized belongings.

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably nodding in agreement that your house is filled with stuff you know you should get rid of.

Have you ever joked that we just need a dumpster to get rid of all this stuff? The truth is that getting rid of clutter can feel overwhelming and daunting. Often your clutter carries some emotional strings making it hard to part with.

If your house feels messy and you know there are belongings that should go, this is just the article for you. Read on to learn more about how to tackle your clutter problem.

Home Clutter Statistics

The statistics speak for themselves when it comes to having too much stuff. Consider if any of these numbers speak to the clutter gathering in spaces around your home.

  • 50% of homeowners say their garage is a disorganized mess
  • Families, on average, spend $1,800 a year on new clothing
  • 32% of women have more than 25 pairs of shoes
  • On average, US households will throw away 81 pounds of clothing a year
  • Products for home organization are expected to add $19.5 billion in retail sales to the US economy
  • 80% of people say they have items in their home they never use

Do you feel seen in any of these statistics? If so, it’s time to tackle your clutter problem.

How to Tackle Home Clutter

54% of Americans say they’re overwhelmed by the clutter gathering in their home. Sometimes it’s hard to know even where to begin.

Instead of wandering about your entire house thinking about what a mess it is, pick a place to start and focus on that room or even a specific area.

For example, pick one area instead of moaning over the huge mess in your garage. Maybe there’s a corner that has exploded with garden supplies and tools.  Don’t focus on the whole garage; instead, start in that one area.

When you’ve conquered the clutter there, move to your kids’ toys in the garage.

Inside your house, really consider the purpose of the room. Are there things in the room that don’t serve that purpose? If so, they need to go.

Outdated items, broken technology, and appliances have no purpose in keeping.

If you think to yourself, why do I even still have this? It’s time for it to go.

Cleaning Out a Cluttered House

Some people get stuck when they start to think things like:

  • I might use this again someday
  • I’ll save this for later
  • I remember when …

If you go room by room, there are generally some things to eliminate from your home and life. Let’s take a closer look.

In your kitchen and dining area, you could get rid of:

  • Old menus and food receipts
  • Restaurant paper napkins
  • Leftover restaurant condiments
  • Duplicate kitchen utensils
  • Unused kitchen appliances
  • Kid cups and utensils your kids haven’t used in years

In your living room area, you could get rid of:

  • VHS tapes and DVDs
  • VCRs and DVD players
  • Miscellaneous technology
  • Old magazines
  • Neglected toys

In your entryway and laundry room, you could get rid of:

  • Old outdoor gear
  • Old keys
  • Expired and unused cleaning supplies
  • Old and unworn shoes

In the bedroom, you could get rid of:

  • Old bedding
  • Clothes that don’t fit
  • Bedside table clutter
  • Broken hangers
  • Old pillows

Sometimes people will come home with a keepsake, and at the time, it feels important. But with some distance from the event, the keepsake isn’t important anymore.  Move through your rooms and eliminate those items.

You may have decor items that you once liked but now feel dirty or out of date. Your spaces will feel cleaner and tidy when those items are gone.

Tips to Tackle the Big Job of Getting Rid of Your Junk

While so many people feel overwhelmed by their clutter, they also feel overwhelmed with tackling and getting rid of it. You can use some simple strategies to get started purging your clutter.

Choose a closet and consider the clothes in there. What do you wear, and what do you never wear? Avoid the trap of thinking you might wear it someday. If you haven’t touched it in several months, you probably won’t any time soon, and it should go.

If decluttering truly makes you feel overwhelmed, then try this strategy. Set a timer for a short period of time, and see how many things you can put in a trash bag to go. You could challenge yourself to fill the bag.

You could challenge yourself to remove one or two things a day from your home. Just think that after only a few months, you could have 60 to 120 fewer items in your home. You’ll notice a difference, and it will ignite a spark to keep going.

You could even choose a number, like 5 or 10. Then take the 10-10-10 approach. You find 10 items to throw away, 10 items that can be donated, and 10 items that get put in the place where they belong.

If you want real motivation for clutter removal, take a walk around your home and pretend you’re a guest. What would they see?

Dumpster Rental for Junk Removal

You’re likely already thinking, what do I do with all of the things that need to go? My trash cans can’t hold it all.

If you want to get serious about clutter removal or you have more than a little clutter, it’s time to consider a rental. You can do a dumpster rental or roll-off containers that come right to your driveway.

Not only does it give you a place to put all the stuff you want to go, but it also provides great motivation (and a challenge, too). Can you fill it?

If you have items you want to go that are too heavy or too bulky to handle yourself, you can even hire full-service junk removal.

Imagine what your house will be like when all those items are no longer cluttering up your spaces.

Getting Rid of Clutter the Smart Way

Getting rid of clutter can feel good and give your home a whole new look and feel. It’s like a fresh start.

If you’re ready to get rid of clutter, then consider a dumpster rental. Contact us today to learn more about dumpster or roll-off container options.