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Augusta’s Best Demolition Team

The Importance Of When Demolishing a Outdoor Shed, Deck, Fence, or Mobile Home

Partnering with the right demolition company is essential to completing any safe and successful tear down. Residential demolitions can be dangerous and must always be properly planned and supervised. Demolitions can also be incredibly disruptive to property owners in neighborhoods when done incorrectly or without care. That is why you need the right skilled demolition team to complete the job efficiently so that commotions caused by the demolition can be kept at a minimum. When you need someone to demolish small properties safely and smoothly, like sheds, mobile homes, or single family homes, you can count on Junk in the Box. Many older trailers or mobile homes that have not been maintained or abandoned are not in a condition to be moved and can be dangerous transported on the road. With safety in mind, Our Junk in the Box truck team will come on site and do all the heavy lifting. Your mobile home or shed will be completely removed, water and septic lines capped, and any loose debris picked up.

The Process for Demolition in Augusta, GA

The process of hiring our exterior demolition team in Augusta, GA is as quick and convenient as possible. In just three steps, you can set your date without having to wait.
    • Schedule an Appointment
Simply schedule an appointment for us to come and evaluate your exterior demolition project. During the appointment, we will go over the process and provide you with a detailed free estimate.
    • Reserve Your Date
After you accept our proposal, we can set up a time and day that works best for you.
    • We Get the Job Done!
Demolition Day! Our crew will arrive on time and be ready to get the job done. We will perform your exterior demolition and clean up any excess junk and debris. Most exterior demolition projects can take two or more days. Once the process is complete, your property will be good to go without any traces that we, or the structure, were there to begin with.

Safety is Our HIGHEST Priority!

Our main focus is on safety! Junk in the Box’s exterior demolition services in Augusta are fully licensed and insured and capable of handling any exterior demolition, regardless of size or scope. The team at Junk in the Box is highly trained and skilled to properly care for your demolition project. We carefully and thoroughly follow the guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Since no two jobs are the same, we plan out every aspect of the demolition ahead of time to ensure that we have the proper equipment and staff to safely and efficiently demolish and remove any traces of the structure.

Popular Demolition Services

Our crew is also fully licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as trained to ensure that your home is protected. We go to great lengths to leave your home in better condition than when we arrived and pay special attention to walls, stairs, and floors when removing debris of your excavation project. Here is a list of demolition services we can offer you today:

Ready to Get Started on Your Demolition in Augusta?

From sheds to single-family homes, let our qualified and trained team at Junk in the Box complete your demolition from start to finish today!